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  • On Poetry Tonight

    I have written a heart touching poem for you to get rid of the long Heart break that has been bothering you for some time.

    Tell Them

    You Tell Them How You Broke My Heart.
    How I Lost My Pride?

    Tell Them How You Tore Me Apart.
    The Broken Trust.

    And The Heart That Was Meant To Love,
    Was Through Away.

    It’s You Who Told Me
    You Would Rather Die Than Walk Away.

    But Saw You On The Highway.
    You Said You Will Never Walk Away.
    But There You Were,
    Running Away.

    I Wanted To Cry
    But My Eyes Couldn’t Let My Tears Shed.
    I Felt Like Dieing
    But My Pride Never Wanted To Show That I’m Hurt.

    I Wanted To Fight For You
    But Pride Came To The Rescue.
    I Wanted To Hate You,
    But I Choose Not To Be Like You.

    So I Choose To Love Those Who Love Me
    Break Those Who Break Me
    Kill Them Before They Kill Me
    And Show Them Love If They Show Me.

    So If You Want To Tell Them About Me?
    Tell Them How You Broke My Heart.

    Before You Tell Them How I Don’t Call Back When you Call?
    How I Don’t I Don’t Say I Miss You When You Say So?
    How I End Up Not Picking Your Call?

    Tell them I was the only person who ever loved you with honest, and then tell them how you broke my Heart

    Before you Tell Them Anything About Me,
    Tell Them How You Broke My Heart.

    That’s all I had for you tonight. Stay blessed, and stay safe.

  • To All Christians

    Have you ever thought, why are church members slaves and the pastor is a slave master? Why are most posters followed by women? Why are they too much infidelity at church than at night club? Why is Christianity the only religion with so much atrocities?

    Yes, your answers are right here. In the next. Down next, am poem by Prince Poet on the same topic as those above.

    To The Pastor And Priest

    The Evil In Me
    Is Better Than The Good In You.
    The Darkness In Me
    Is Much Brighter Than The Light In You.

    The Devil In Me
    Is Just Like The Angels In You.
    And The Sin In Me
    Is Just Like The Sin In You.

    You Claim To Be Holy
    But What You Do Is More Evil.
    You Go And Sing For The Lord
    But At Night You Dance For The Devil 😈 .

    Why Should You Be Telling Us How We Should Be Living
    Yet, You Can’t Follow The Same Damn Message You Are Giving?

    Why Can’t We  Realize That We Don’t Need To Tell Our Sins,
    To Another Sinner,
    Coz His Also Full Of Sin?

    Should I Call You “Papa” Father,
    Because You Claim To Have Super Power?
    Should You Touch My Forehead,
    Just Because You Went To Bible College?
    Is That The Reason You Started A Church?
    So You Can Find It Easy To See Through Every Desperate Skirt?

    I Don’t Care
    All I Know Is That
    If There Are Demons In Me
    They Are Much Holy Than The Angels In You.

  • Do You Imagine?

    After making so much mistakes, have you ever thought of starting you life all over again?

    Have you ever imagined a world without pain after being hurt so much?

    Have you lost hope of being happy again? And all you do is cry, wishing to avenge every hand that inflicted pain on you.

    Have you ever thought of love without pain? No death and only birth? No hardwork, no suffering, no hunger, and no hate.

    Such a world exists. Yes, it exists. Only in your imagination. And the truth looks like a reality of the Devil’s imagination. And it means more suffering until you decide to put love aside, stop crying, start walking, do action until you succeed and make your imaginary world a reality.

    The truth hurts, but hardwork pays.

  • God Give Me A Sign

    On this article today, we look at a poem released by Prince Poet titled ” God Give Me A Sign”. Which is one poem all Christians must read.

    In This Poem, young Prince Poet is asking to God on the Mistries of life and how he can get of them. In additional words, his praying to God for the unanswered questions.

    Prince Poet

    Don’t just scroll down. Read the concept and I promise you that you time won’t go in vein.

    God Give Me A Sign

    Heavenly Father,
    There Are Lots Of Things Inside My Chest.
    I Don’t Want To Get It From A Human
    You The One Created Us
    And So If Not Your Word Am Not Going To Rest.

    Heavenly Father

    Tell Us What’s True.
    Tell Us What’s False.
    Tell Us If You Have Been Listening To Our Calls.

    Why Do We Break?
    Why This Pain?
    Why Do We Pray But Still Don’t Change?

    Why this pain?

    Why One You But So Many Religion?
    Oh Maybe It’s The Devil’s Creation
    That The True Should Face Division
    And Become The World’s Greatest Confusion?

    Why Do Pastors Tell Us Us How We Should Be Living,
    Yet They Can’t Listen To The Massage There Giving?

    Why Did The Gospel Ended In Division?

    Tell Us Your Word.
    Tell Us What’s Real.
    Give Us A Sign.
    Answer The Call.

    Give Me A Sign,
    If Not A Word.
    It’s Only Mine But For The Who World.

    They Tell Us You Are Coming Soon.
    But The Soon Is Taking So Long.
    And The More You Delay The Devil Gets Strong.
    Am Afraid You Will Find Everyone Is Gone.

    The Devil

    Why Do We Cry?
    Why Do We Die?
    Am Tired Of These Theories
    I Only Want A Sign.

    Why Is There Pain?
    What’s This Chain?
    Why Bring Love That Brought More Pain?

    Prince Poet

    Tell Us Are You Black Or You Brown?
    I Really Do Care So Include It On The Sign.

    Tell Me What’s Mine.
    Tell Me What’s There’s.
    Tell Us What’s Yours So We Know How To Share It.

    Tell Us Were We’re Going.
    Tell Us What’s There.
    Is It Straight To Hell,
    Or Heaven Is There.

    Oh Lord
    Where Were When I Needed You?
    Why Didn’t You Answer When I Called you?

    I Remember Telling You My Goals,
    But I Guess They Never Pleased You.
    Or Is It That You Continuesly Want Me To Praise You.

    I Don’t Want A Church
    I Need A Home That’s Mine
    I Don’t Need A Pastor
    What I Want Is A Sign.

    I Don’t Want The Books
    Coz Most Of Them Are Lies
    I’m Asking You So You Can Give Me A Sign.

    I Don’t Want A Man
    Coz His A Sinner Like Me
    Will Argue And End Up In A Fight.

    There Are A Lot Of Things In My Chest.
    So Let Me Offload Before It Can Burst.

    Why Should I Believe In A God I Can’t See?
    Should We Keep Hopping That We Will Succeed?

    How Do I Know That The Devil Use Religion To Division The World.
    That Rich Become Richer And The Poor Worship You And Still Be Poor ,
    Until They Learn How To Cheat.

    I Don’t Know The Truth
    I Just Want To See A Sign.
    Am Not Going To The Priests
    Coz Most Of Them Lie.

    If You Find This Call
    Call Me Right Back.
    If You Find A Text Just Know It’s Mine.

    There’s No Any Other Way To End A Prayer

    Read Through

    That was an exciting piece of Poetry. Hope you enjoyed. Am Prince Edward Angels AKA Prince Poet. Follow me for more great poems. Stay safe.

  • I Still Love You

    ” I still love you”, is a poem inspired by the world’s greatest musicians combined, etc, Nicky Minaj, Lil Wayne, DAX And others.

    Though the very deep part of the poem is not yet released, you can enjoy the short peace made by Prince for you.

    I Still Love You

    Follow me for more exciting poems

  • On Poetry Tonight

    I would advise you to read this poem to the end. It’s short, but it’s worth your time.

    “My Pride My Shield 🛡️”

    I Can’t Say I Still Love You
    Because Am Too Proud To Look A Fool.
    And Sometimes I Don’t Even Look At You,
    Coz My Pride Tells Me To.

    I Value My Pride More
    Than My Feelings.
    Heart Hurts Me
    But My Pride Keeps Me Moving.

    If Am To Succeed,
    It Because Am Too Proud To Be Poor.
    If I Don’t Talk To You,
    It’s Because Am I Want My Enemies To Be Fewer.


    That’s all on Poet’s Tonight, do follow me to get more poems and quotes.

  • When I Die Tonight

    When I Die Tonight,
    I Will Wake Up In The Midst Of The Night
    To Light Up A New Light⭐.

    Demons 🎃 Will Rejoice And Celebrate My Life,
    But Angels Will Hate
    For They Never Wanted Me Alive.

    The Devil 😈 Will Call Me” My Son”.
    And Together We Light A Fire 🔥Of It’s Worst Kind.
    I Will Be Glowing
    Like Diamonds 💎 In The Sky.
    With The Mark Of The Adorable Beast On My Crown 👑.

    And I Will Be Adorable
    In The Hands Of The Devil 😈.
    I Will Be Loyal Even To What’s More Evil 👹.
    The Serpents 🐍 And Scorpions 🦞 Will Be My Servants.
    The Demons 🎃 And Witches 🦹 Will Visit Every Night.
    The Cupid Will Be The First Thing I will Kill.
    After Awakening All The Dead ☠️That The Angels Killed.

    I Will Burst All The Tombs Open
    And Release The Residents Of The Greave 💀.
    I Will Call There Names
    One By One
    So They Can Bow To Me As The Chosen One.

    Liberty 🗽,
    Will Be At Your Bedside 🛌.
    While Your Life In My Hands 🤲.
    Your Enemies Will Be My Enemies,
    Only If You Accept The Mark Of The Adorable Beast On Your Heads.

    When The Angels Attempt To Attack🧚,
    The Demons 👻 Are My Shield 🛡️.
    And The Devil 😈 Is My Sword 🗡️.
    The Dead ☠️☠️ Is My Army,
    Arena At The Greave Yard.
    Tombs Are My Weapons And The Dry Bones Will Come To Life And Protect Me.

    Meanwhile, I Will Hide My Soul In Hell 🌋,
    And My Flesh In Flames 🔥.
    They Won’t Come To Me,
    They Are Afraid Of The Fire Which They Created.
    And They Will Have No One To Take The Blames,
    For Sending Me To Hell 🌋
    In The First Place.


    Only Poet’s Will Understand

  • (no title)

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    Monday 16th August 2021, while people celebrate the in coming president, some thugs took it as an opportunity and started attacking people, stealing phones, shoes, clothes and other luxurious staff.

    Some resulted in beating those who supported the outgoing Patriotic Front, destroying there houses, cars etc.

    The violence criminal act extended to as far as thugs breaking into shops in Kamwala and some neighboring houses in KANYAMA.

    Meanwhile, the police with the help of the army have arrested some thieves as thugs who and the chief spokesperson of police has warned to arrested anyone doing this violent Acts.


    In this letter, Mrs Hichilema congratulated Zambia for gathering up in numbers to vote for the Wise King, father and President, Hakainde Hichilema, who is now the 7th republican president.

    In her words, the adorable Queen thanks everyone and encouraged them to move forth and forward. Here is the letter.

    You did it Zambia!

    You came out in numbers, patiently queued for hours and cast your vote with Hope for a better mother Zambia. You did your part.

    You were a part of this campaign. Each one of you.

    We thank you and celebrate you. Let us know look forward to a new beginning and to a better and brighter future.

    Arise Zambia and shine, for your light have come, and the glory of the Lord be upon you.

    Mrs Hichilema

    Meanwhile, Young Arts Founder and President, Prince Edward Muyunda, has encouraged the Youths that this is the time not to take revenge on the evil atrocities that happened in the past but rather move forward, for that’s what we chose, to move forward.

    In more news to come, 500 thugs have been arrested for trying to rob a gold mine in the name of celebrating UPND’s victory.

    And people are being attacked by thugs in Lusaka during the celebration of UPND’s victory.

• • •